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* Do you have a love of photography?
* Have you owned a camera for a while but never quite understood it?
* Would you like to take better photographs?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions then you've come to the right place…
Together we'll photograph fantastic Peak District vistas, historic buildings, spectacular waterfalls, woodland areas and babbling brooks…and you'll get all the help and assistance you need to capture great photographs too!
Group courses are always kept small ensuring that everyone gets plenty of personal help and tuition throughout the day.

What will you learn?
First and foremost, we’ll demystify your camera settings!
We’ll start with the basic operation of your camera discussing the various settings and how to use them to improve your photographs.
We’ll also discuss how to make better use of your camera settings which will enable you to produce more interesting and creative photographs.
Using a camera is not only about understanding the controls, it’s about an emotional thought process.
Sometimes we take photographs just as a record of something and that’s fine but what if you want to convey mood, or selectively emphasise shape or colour or focus?
These are some of the subjects we cover on these workshops, and at a pace that suits you.
Finally, don’t worry if you hardly know one end of a camera from the other, we’ll go at a pace that suits YOU and YOUR level of knowledge.

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